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Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
boost::date_time::all_date_names_put< Config, charT, OutputIterator >A date name output facet that takes an array of char* to define strings
Passenger::AnythingToString< T >
Passenger::AnythingToString< vector< string > >
boost::mpl::apply< F, T1, T2, T3, T4, T5 >Primary template (not a specialization!)
boost::gregorian::bad_day_of_monthException type for gregorian day of month (1..31)
boost::gregorian::bad_day_of_yearException type for day of year (1..366)
boost::gregorian::bad_monthException thrown if a greg_month is constructed with a value out of range
boost::gregorian::bad_weekdayException that flags that a weekday number is incorrect
boost::gregorian::bad_yearException type for gregorian year
boost::date_time::base_time< T, time_system >Representation of a precise moment in time, including the date
boost::mpl::bind< F, T1, T2, T3, T4, T5 >Primary template (not a specialization!)
boost::date_time::c_timeProvides a uniform interface to some 'ctime' functions
boost::CV::constrained_value< value_policies >A template to specify a constrained basic value type
boost::date_time::counted_time_rep< config >Time representation that uses a single integer count
boost::date_time::counted_time_system< time_rep >An unadjusted time system implementation
boost::date_time::date< T, calendar, duration_type_ >Representation of timepoint at the one day level resolution
boost::gregorian::dateA date type based on gregorian_calendar
boost::date_time::date_duration< duration_rep_traits >Duration type with date level resolution
boost::date_time::date_facet< date_type, CharT, OutItrT >
boost::date_time::date_formatter< date_type, format_type, charT >Convert a date to string using format policies
boost::date_time::date_generator_formatter< date_type, CharT, OutItrT >Formats date_generators for output
boost::date_time::date_generator_parser< date_type, charT >Class for date_generator parsing
boost::date_time::date_input_facet< date_type, CharT, InItrT >Input facet
boost::date_time::date_itr< offset_functor, date_type >Overrides the base date iterator providing hook for functors
boost::date_time::date_itr_base< date_type >Base date iterator type
boost::date_time::date_names_put< Config, charT, OutputIterator >Output facet base class for gregorian dates
boost::date_time::day_clock< date_type >A clock providing day level services based on C time_t capabilities
boost::date_time::day_functor< date_type >Functor to iterate a fixed number of days
boost::date_time::dst_calc_engine< date_type, time_duration_type, dst_traits >Compile-time configurable daylight savings time calculation engine
boost::date_time::dst_calculator< date_type_, time_duration_type_ >Dynamic class used to caluclate dst transition information
boost::algorithm::FinderConcept< FinderT, IteratorT >Finder concept
boost::date_time::first_kday_after< date_type >Calculate something like "First Sunday after Jan 1,2002
boost::date_time::first_kday_before< date_type >Calculate something like "First Sunday before Jan 1,2002
boost::date_time::first_kday_of_month< date_type >Useful generator functor for finding holidays and daylight savings
boost::date_time::format_date_parser< date_type, charT >Class with generic date parsing using a format string
boost::algorithm::FormatterConcept< FormatterT, FinderT, IteratorT >Formatter concept
boost::detail::function::function_allows_small_object_optimization< F >
boost::detail::function::functor_manager< Functor, Allocator >
boost::gregorian::greg_dayRepresent a day of the month (range 1 - 31)
boost::gregorian::greg_durations_configConfig struct for additional duration types (ie months_duration<> & years_duration<>)
boost::gregorian::greg_monthWrapper class to represent months in gregorian based calendar
boost::gregorian::greg_weekdayRepresent a day within a week (range 0==Sun to 6==Sat)
boost::gregorian::greg_yearRepresent a day of the month (range 1900 - 10000)
boost::gregorian::gregorian_calendarGregorian calendar for this implementation, hard work in the base
boost::date_time::gregorian_calendar_base< ymd_type_, date_int_type_ >An implementation of the Gregorian calendar
boost::algorithm::has_const_time_erase< T >Const time erase trait
boost::algorithm::has_const_time_insert< T >Const time insert trait
boost::algorithm::has_native_replace< T >Native replace trait
boost::algorithm::has_stable_iterators< T >Stable iterators trait
boost::posix_time::hoursAllows expression of durations as an hour count
boost::date_time::int_adapter< int_type_ >Adapter to create integer types with +-infinity, and not a value
boost::algorithm::is_equalIs_equal functor
boost::algorithm::is_iequalCase insensitive version of is_equal
boost::algorithm::is_ilessCase insensitive version of is_less
boost::algorithm::is_lessIs_less functor
boost::algorithm::is_not_greaterIs_not_greater functor
boost::algorithm::is_not_igreaterCase insensitive version of is_not_greater
boost::date_time::iso_extended_format< charT >Extended format uses seperators YYYY-MM-DD
boost::date_time::iso_format< charT >Format description for iso normal YYYYMMDD
boost::date_time::iso_format_base< charT >Class to provide common iso formatting spec
boost::date_time::iso_format_base< wchar_t >Class to provide common iso formatting spec
boost::iterator_range< IteratorT >Iterator_range class
boost::mpl::lambda< bind< F, T1, T2, T3, T4, T5 >, Tag, int_< 6 > >Specializations for the main 'bind' form
boost::mpl::lambda< mpl::protect< T >, Tag, int_< 1 > >Special case for 'protect'
boost::date_time::last_kday_of_month< date_type >Calculate something like Last Sunday of January
boost::posix_time::minutesAllows expression of durations as a minute count
boost::date_time::month_formatter< month_type, format_type, charT >Formats a month as as string into an ostream
boost::date_time::month_functor< date_type >Provides calculation to find next nth month given a date
boost::date_time::months_duration< base_config >Additional duration type that represents a logical month
boost::date_time::nth_kday_of_month< date_type >Useful generator functor for finding holidays
boost::date_time::null_dst_rules< date_type_, time_duration_type_ >Used for local time adjustments in places that don't use dst
boost::date_time::ostream_date_formatter< date_type, facet_type, charT >Convert a date to string using format policies
boost::date_time::ostream_month_formatter< facet_type, charT >Formats a month as as string into an ostream
boost::date_time::ostream_time_duration_formatter< time_duration_type, charT >Put a time type into a stream using appropriate facets
boost::date_time::ostream_time_formatter< time_type, charT >Put a time type into a stream using appropriate facets
boost::date_time::ostream_time_period_formatter< time_period_type, charT >Put a time period into a stream using appropriate facets
boost::date_time::ostream_weekday_formatter< weekday_type, facet_type, charT >Formats a weekday
boost::date_time::ostream_ymd_formatter< ymd_type, facet_type, charT >Convert ymd to a standard string formatting policies
boost::date_time::partial_date< date_type >Generates a date by applying the year to the given month and day
boost::date_time::period< point_rep, duration_rep >Provides generalized period type useful in date-time systems
boost::date_time::period_formatter< CharT, OutItrT >Not a facet, but a class used to specify and control period formats
boost::date_time::period_parser< date_type, CharT >Not a facet, but a class used to specify and control period parsing
boost::posix_time::ptimeTime type with no timezone or other adjustments
boost::date_time::second_clock< time_type >A clock providing time level services based on C time_t capabilities
boost::posix_time::secondsAllows expression of durations as a seconds count
boost::CV::simple_exception_policy< rep_type, min_value, max_value, exception_type >Template to shortcut the constrained_value policy creation process
boost::date_time::simple_format< charT >Class to provide simple basic formatting rules
boost::date_time::simple_format< wchar_t >Specialization of formmating rules for wchar_t
Passenger::SpawnManagerSpawning of Ruby on Rails/Rack application instances
boost::date_time::special_values_formatter< CharT, OutItrT >Class that provides generic formmatting ostream formatting for special values
boost::date_time::special_values_parser< date_type, charT >Class for special_value parsing
boost::date_time::split_timedate_system< config >An unadjusted time system implementation
boost::date_time::string_parse_tree< charT >Recursive data structure to allow efficient parsing of various strings
boost::date_time::subsecond_duration< base_duration, frac_of_second >Template for instantiating derived adjusting durations
tut::test_group< Data, MaxTestsInGroup >
tut::test_group< Data, MaxTestsInGroup >::safe_holder< T >
tut::test_object< Data >
tut::tests_registerer< Test, Group, n >
boost::posix_time::time_durationBase time duration type
boost::date_time::time_duration< T, rep_type >Represents some amount of elapsed time measure to a given resolution
boost::date_time::time_facet< time_type, CharT, OutItrT >
boost::date_time::time_input_facet< time_type, CharT, InItrT >Facet for format-based input
boost::date_time::time_itr< time_type >Simple time iterator skeleton class
boost::date_time::time_resolution_traits_adapted32_implTraits struct for time_resolution_traits implementation type
boost::date_time::time_resolution_traits_adapted64_implTraits struct for time_resolution_traits implementation type
boost::date_time::time_resolution_traits_bi32_implTraits struct for time_resolution_traits implementation type
boost::date_time::time_resolution_traits_bi64_implTraits struct for time_resolution_traits implementation type
boost::date_time::us_dst_rules< date_type_, time_duration_type_, dst_start_offset_minutes, dst_length_minutes >Depricated: Class to calculate dst boundaries for US time zones
boost::date_time::week_functor< date_type >Functor to iterate a over weeks
boost::date_time::weeks_duration< duration_config >Additional duration type that represents a number of n*7 days
boost::date_time::wrapping_int< int_type_, wrap_val >A wrapping integer used to support time durations (WARNING: only instantiate with a signed type)
boost::date_time::wrapping_int2< int_type_, wrap_min, wrap_max >A wrapping integer used to wrap around at the top (WARNING: only instantiate with a signed type)
boost::date_time::year_based_generator< date_type >Base class for all generators that take a year and produce a date
boost::date_time::year_functor< date_type >Functor to iterate by a year adjusting for leap years
boost::date_time::year_month_day_base< YearType, MonthType, DayType >Allow rapid creation of ymd triples of different types
boost::date_time::years_duration< base_config >Additional duration type that represents a logical year
boost::date_time::ymd_formatter< ymd_type, format_type, charT >Convert ymd to a standard string formatting policies

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